Noble Manhattan Coaching was founded in 1993 and has its international administration centre based in the subtropical paradise known as Weymouth on the south coast of the UK, where a dedicated team is at your service.

However, we have many offices around the world and are currently trading in 28 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australasia, Middle East and Africa.We facilitate continued training, backup and support of our students and coaches worldwide we maintain a comprehensive and extensive faculty.

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Gerard O'Donovan
Gerard O'DonovanChairman M Sc N.E.B.S.S. FCLC
The founder of Noble Manhattan, whose previous experience includes many years in the armed forces, has applied the attitude of discipline and thoroughness to the development of his own business. He wishes Noble Manhattan to be seen as the foremost in “offering an invaluable and professional service” to all its clients, and he is able to achieve this because of his own accomplishments, bringing to the company extensive personal experience, knowledge and a unique style of teaching essential life skills.
Gail O'Donovan
Gail O'DonovanFinancial Director
Gail has been in business for many years. She has been a Company Director and Company Secretary working in the field of property management, financial services, and legal work. In addition to this she has, more recently, taught IT skills to those in Further and Adult Education.

Irina Toma?
Division Head, Colour Coaching

Colin Lindsay
Managing Director, The Alpha Group

Roxana Serban?
Managing Director, Noble Media

Lovelia Caracut?
ICN Editor

Michele Araneta?
Head of Administration, Noble Manhattan

Frances Brown
Managing Director, Boardroom Coaching

Cherry Mullins
Int'l Director of Quality Assurance & Continuing Professional Development

Mariz Papas - Cortez
Senior ICT Manager and Specialist

Iulian Luca
Iulian LucaSupport Group President, Strategic Partner, Alpha Group Regional Director
Lena Koparanova
Lena KoparanovaSupport Group President - Varna, Bulgaria
Ivanina Zaharieva
Ivanina ZaharievaSupport Group President - Sofia Bulgaria
Jorge Lugris
Jorge LugrisSupport Group President - Madrid, Spain
Cristina Eremia
Cristina EremiaSupport Group President – Bucharest Romania
Sorin Peligrad
Sorin PeligradSupport Group President – Brasov Romania
Geneviève Pépin
Geneviève PépinSupport Group President - Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Barbara Roux-Levrat
Barbara Roux-LevratSupport Group President - Geneva, Switzerland
Roman Buryta
Roman BurytaSupport Group President – Vienna Austria
Sabrina Naseem
Sabrina NaseemSupport Group President – Basel, Switzerland
Jaya Saunders
Jaya SaundersSupport Group President – Biel, Switzerland
Yelitza Sosa
Yelitza SosaMaster Distributor - Switzerland
Ian Jefferis
Ian JefferisMaster Distributor - UK/Ireland
Verity Woodgate
Verity WoodgateSales Advisor - UK/Ireland
Brian Prentice
Brian PrenticeMaster Distributor - Bulgaria
Katrin Prentice
Katrin PrenticeMaster Distributor - Bulgaria
Vladimir K. Bu?kiewicz
Vladimir K. Bu?kiewiczCEO IBD Business School and Polish Foundation for Management Research
Agnieszka Ausfeld
Agnieszka AusfeldBusiness Development Manager, IBD Business School Noble Manhattan Coaching
Vali Cojocaru
Vali CojocaruMaster Distributor - Romania, Hungary, Serbia
Ufuk Koc
Ufuk KocMaster Distributor - Turkey
Hikmet Berk Kaya
Hikmet Berk KayaManaging Director of Noble Manhattan Turkey
Alina Arshinkova
Alina ArshinkovaMaster Distributor - Spain
Olivia Vaduva
Olivia VaduvaStudent Support&Administration, Romania
Charles Clement
Charles ClementMaster Distributor - USA
Iulia Sorescu
Iulia SorescuAdministrative Support Leader - USA Support Leader/Tele Lecturer/Written Work Assessor and Support Coach
Pauline Sawaya
Pauline SawayaMaster Distributor - Lebanon and Syria
Madlen Ivanova
Madlen IvanovaSales, Course Advisor
Radina Nedyalkova
Radina NedyalkovaSales & Marketing, Admin